“Hardwood Putters was born from a simple question I asked myself the first time I approached this wonderful game: why do we no longer use wood for golf clubs?

I was given various reasons why wood was no longer used, it rots, gets ruined, dented, it is not worthwhile, not as precise as metal and many more. Despite this, I felt the need to understand and research the matter from the very beginning and soon after to start experimenting. I imagined a putter that was completely different but at the same time better, that was a throwback in time in search of older shapes and colours which had been forgotten but at the same time technologically advanced, able to hold its own currently. After various attempts, we have reached our goal, and we are able to provide unique and innovative product. Effective both aesthetically and on the green.”

Dario Trentini – Founder and artisan

  • Hardwood Putters @ Mondial Du Golf

    Hardwood Putters @ Mondial du Golf 2019

    You can find Hardwood Putters at Mondial du Golf 2019 in Paris. Le Mondial du Golf est un événement golf unique, comme jamais il n’en a été organisé en France. L’ADN du Mondial du [...]