Frequently Asked Questions

  • I love blades – Choose blade model! It is a large blade easier to handle than a standard one for its special weight distribution in the head. It is a toe-balanced model, but it is possible to have it face-balanced on request.
  • I love Mallets – Mallet model has a high MOI, and gives you more forgiveness when you don’t hit the ball on the center of the face. Face-balanced, so it is perfect if your stroke is straight.
  • I’m looking for something different – Your model is Aqua, simple but classy. It is thinner than blade and has the lowest MOI in Hardwood Putters family. It is toe-balanced and if your putting stroke is like an arc it is perfect for you!
  • I usually play on fast greens – You need a medium /high weighted putter (370-390 gr). This gives you much more control on the medium distance range and extra precision on short strokes.
  • I play both (fast and slow) – Medium is the right choice (360 gr).
  • I Putt on Slow Greens and Want Total Control – A light putter (320-330 gr) might be the right solution, but it must be considered that such a choice involves more difficulties in controlling the distance. Recommended for not tall players or those who choose short shaft or have excellent stroke control.

The length of your putter has a huge impact on your stroke. Pick the wrong size and you’ll throw off your putting line. This is the length we recommend based on our experience:

<150cm / 32 inch 150-155 cm/ 32,5 inches 155- 163 cm / 33 inches 163-168 cm / 33,5 inches 168-174 cm / 34 inches 174 – 184 cm / 34,5 inches 184-190 cm / 35 inches 190-195 cm/ 35,5 inches >195 cm / 36 inches

  • Wooden – This face returns the softest touch among the hardwood possibilities. Although the touch is very delicate, the face returns the blow very well during the impact.
  • Brass – This face has a delicate and firm response. For those looking for something in-between wood and copper.
  • Copper – It is ideal for those looking for a putter with a decisive impact. Less soft than brass and wood. Softer than steel. This face will acquire a vintage patina over time by taking on red / brown and then green shades.
  • Aluminium – Very similar to brass on impact, but with a different color

We believe that the most suitable loft for most people is 2.5 °. However, it can be customized to suit your needs. If you tend to put your hands far ahead while hitting the ball, you will need a bigger loft (3°-4°). If instead you tend to hit the ball while the putter is rising you will need a smaller loft (2° -1°)

Generally the faces of the steel putters are milled to make them softer. In this case there is no need for it because the materials used give a soft enough touch.

All our putters are made of solid wood. The essences we use are from all over the world, from Africa to South America

Each Hardwood putter is unique and is made entirely by hand in Italy. It comes with a warranty certificate that describes the putter and all its specifications, from wood to lofts, etc. and is valid for two years.

All our putters are made of treated wood. First stabilized, then covered by finishing layers make our putters completely waterproof and usable in all conditions. They do not need special treatments.

The time to build a putter on request is about 4-6 weeks. If you have particular deadlines you can write to us or scroll through between the ready putters that we can send in very short time.