a story of craftamanship, technique and love.

The material used for the construction of your putters is of the highest quality. The woods come from all over the world and are chosen with great care for their technical and aesthetic characteristics to guarantee the golfer a product that lasts over time.

We research

in weight distribution

The bottom of our putters is flat, to ensure perfect positioning on the playing field and therefore better alignment on the ball and control of the shooting trajectory.

The weight is entirely unbalanced on the sides. This ensures greater stability in the movement of the putter and the widening of the hotspot on the face of the putter. The lateral balance therefore helps in the event of an error in the impact to guarantee a more effective trajectory.


The wood, in Hardwood Putters, is not only a representation of nature, history and a journey to the past, but also, above all efficacy.

Hardwood Putters was born from the idea of mixing the world of golf with carpentry design. The specific intention was to create a range of putters that were not only functional and in line with the R&A and USGA specifics but that were also small objects of art.

Tailor made

The customer does not have to adapt, on the contrary, the customer can choose all the features they desire in their putter. Made to measure, from the type of shaft, the weight, the type of wood used, to the inlay etc.

Handmade in Italy

Each putter is one of a kind and it’s completely hand made in Italy

Our philosophy is to give our customer the best and to do so without compromising. The product is completely handcrafted in each stage without the use of machines. A true artisanal product.
The blocks of wood used come from all over the world and give the putter a unique look and colour